Last week, Taylor Swift dropped her newest album, Lover and by all accounts (the three friends I’m in a Taylor Swift group chat with), it is a certified banger. Now, as some of you may know, I am a HUGE T-Swift guy and have been since I first listened to the Speak Now album. Since then, every time a new album is released, I rush to Target to get the special Target-only Deluxe version of the album and spend days jamming out. In fact, you may remember my review of Reputation when it came out. Great blog.

And yet, here I am over a week after Lover was released and I haven’t listened to a single song other than the ones on the radio. It’s not that I don’t want to listen, it’s just that I’m not really sure how to and here’s the dilemma: should I still be buying the Target Deluxe CD?

In the past, I needed to have the Target Deluxe version of the album because it had bonus tracks and what kind of schmuck fan would I be if I didn’t listen to every new song by Taylor? But I looked up the Target bundle for Lover and the only bonus tracks are like demos or acoustic versions of the regular album songs . Really all you get with this Deluxe version is like some journals pages, a poster, and some voice recordings and while there was a time in my life where a T-Swift poster would make me melt (I still have one tucked away in my closet — my fiancee won’t let me hang it up), it just isn’t necessary for me anymore.

taylor swift rolling stone
This is the actual poster I have and I love it

Okay so fine, I don’t need the Target Deluxe version of the album. But should I still buy the normal version of the CD? You see, this past year I came into the 21st century and got Apple Music. I had been dead set against getting any of these streaming services because I’m not a guy who listens to a ton of new music. Instead, I get really into a handful of artists and basically listen to them on repeat. But my favorite band of all time (Taking Back Sunday, duh) was touring with another group I had never really heard (Coheed and Cambria) and I wanted to listen to their music to prepare myself to fully jam out at the concert (which I did). So instead of buying all eight of their albums, I got Apple Music and have stuck with it for about a year now.

Obviously with Apple Music, I could have Taylor’s new album in the blink of an eye but I just don’t know if I should. Yes, part of it is the “supporting the artist” thing which I realize might sound dumb since Taylor Swift makes million of dollars but it does suck that they get like a fraction of a penny for each streaming play they get. But the other reason is that I’m a massive traditionalist and this is the way I’ve always done it — buy the Target Deluxe version, listen to it in the car, rip the CD onto my computer, transfer to my phone so I can listen anywhere. I like having the physical CD but not only am I running out of room in my car’s center console, but I don’t even think I can rip a CD to my computer anymore since I have a MacBook Air. BUT then with Apple Music, what if I decide to cancel in a couple of months — I lose all of that music!

So here are the two sides broken down:


  • I’d have the physical copy
  • I’d be supporting Taylor in her musical endeavors
  • It stays with tradition
  • I would have the music forever

Apple Music

  • I’d get the music instantly
  • I wouldn’t have to worry about ripping a CD
  • I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of space in my car’s center console
  • Taylor only gets a fraction of a penny for each listen

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P.S. I chose the featured image based on the fact that it looks like Taylor is in a moral conundrum of her own and that was funny to me.