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Boy oh boy is this a hell of a loaded question. I thought about just posting a blog that only had the sentence “Ask Robert Kraft” but decided that that would be too lazy, even for a Friday afternoon. Alas, it is my duty to help any internetter who is struggling with a problem, even one so simple as a happy ending.

So what truly makes an ending happy? Well I would say it all depends on the flavor of ice cream that you choose to get in the sundae. Me, I think I’m going with some kind of chocolate peanut butter combination. That really makes the chocolate syrup and whipped cream POP and let’s not forget about the old cherry on top. Now that I think about it, maybe THAT is what really makes an ending happy — the cherry on top.

happy ending sundae
Happy Ending Sundae from Friendly’s

Final answer.

Just kidding, an ending is happy when the masseuse jerks you off at the end of a massage.


P.S. it took me forever to find information on the Friendly’s Happy Ending Sundae. Did they stop making this? Not only can I not find mention of it on the official Friendly’s website, but there are only like 3 pictures of it on the internet. Da fuck is going on here?