This will be a quick post, and probably could’ve been bottled up and vented using a 280-character Tweet, but here we are…

Yesterday, I get to the train station and the place is fucking swamped… Some track maintenance, or service delay, or BLAH BLAH BLAH. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. Same shit, different day in the New York Subway system!

Anyway, as we’re all miserably waiting on this humid, sticky, smelly subway platform, packed literally dick-to-ass, there’s this GQ lookin’ Indian guy who was making his way down the stairs when he realizes the dumpster fire he’s walking into.

So what does this guy do?

Image result for take a picture gif

My man lifts up his phone, takes a picture of the platform – WITH THE FUCKING FLASH ON – but because I was eyeing up this bozo, it was probably a picture OF ME LOOKING AT THE CAMERA LIKE A DEER IN DAMN HEADLIGHTS.

Okay, so a couple things here… First, I get that it was just a simple case of “wrong place, wrong time” for me and maybe I need to calm down, but also… It SUPER pisses me off when I’m on the train – actually, scratch that, if I’m ANYWHERE in public – and I’m thinking some sketchy sleaze-ball is filming me, or anyone really.


lucious lyon wtf GIF

People are weird. People are gross. Just do me a favor and don’t take pictures of strangers, ESPECIALLY OF THEIR FACES.

@GQIndianGuy, if you’re reading this… Please explain yourself below in the comments. I’m big enough a man to let you state your case*.





* = Also @GQIndianGuy, if you have said picture of me looking like a deer in headlights, I want to put it in this post because I’m sure it’s hilarious… So DM that one over. Thanks bruh!