This is fucking tragic.

No way, no how am I going to stand idly by and let our liberties just get completely trampled over hysteria*!


I am all about letting people do things that are unhealthy for themselves so long as they don’t hurt anyone.

We can educate people and warn them what the consequences are, but at the end of the day – THAT’s what freedom is: CHOOSING FOR YOURSELF. Choosing what path you want to take!

I know alcohol isn’t great for me… I drink anyway.

I know not wearing a seat-belt is a risk… I still choose to be a #baddie.

And I also know that juuls (much like cigs) are bad for you… WHICH I CHOOSE NOT THE DO!!

Give me the choice, but at least I have the choice.

America does not need any more big government telling us what to do (don’t get me started on speed limits)!!

@Donny, my boy, do the right thing and let the free market ride. Feel free to cripple the e-cig industry the same way the government did to Big Tobacco, but don’t ban them… Let us, THE CONSUMER, figure it out.

Liberty baby. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.





* = The “hysteria” referenced here was 100% caused by baseless claims** that there have been a few hundred deaths associated with vaping. If all those people were chainsmokers and then developed lung illnesses after switching, maybe it was the YEARS of cigarettes beforehand. Let’s not just jump to conclusions and blame the new kid on the block.

** = They may or may not be baseless, who knows. They’ve only been around for a couple years so I refuse to believe any data on them is real.


P.S. I know we’re getting mad over people dying from Mango flavored e-cigs here in the United States of Snowflakes, but over in Europe, those kids are hard AF. They don’t need juuls, they got 10-year olds who rip darts, and honestly, nothing about Europe has ever intimidated me more: