Maybe I’m late to the game on this. Maybe everyone has been #woke to this for years. I don’t know and honestly refuse to even check facts here…

Amanda Bynes, from The Amanda Show and All That (shoutout old-school Nickelodeon), is dead.

Okay, maybe she’s not actually DEAD… but she’s… well, to be fair, she looks like complete dogshit.

Like, remember THIS Amanda?

amanda bynesamanda bynes dimeamanda bynes babeamanda

Well she’s no more.

Amanda is back on Instagram and showed her new self…

(Full-disclosure: This is borderline NSFW)

(Fuller-disclosure: It totally is SFW, it’s just gross)

I mean…

Image result for what happened gif

She went from ROCKET PIECE to that?!


You hate to see it, but at the end of the day, this probably just karma for all those prank calls she made as a kid*.





* = Holy shit, she looks like an infant in that video and I feel creepy just using it.