I saw this on my timeline and just have to say SOMETHING on the matter…

At first I was 100% certain that I was just looking at a Photoshopped picture of Barclay’s with everything in Black & White except the lettering (cool effect losers…) and then I realized that that’s what the court really looks like.

Everyone nutting themselves over this being cool is being dumb as hell.


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Literally everything about the Brooklyn Nets sucks and they try to hype everything up like it’s soooooooo sick and awesome and it’s just not.

This time, they’re saying having a black and white court is somehow gritty (?) – WHAT?!

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I get that the players on the Nets were gritty (LAST YEAR!), but please don’t go saying that Brooklyn is gritty. Brooklyn is full of a bunch of granola hipster fucks, they’re literally the opposite of grit.

The Nets signed the biggest cupcake baby back bitch in the history of the NBA.

They signed an absolute ticking time-bomb of a locker room cancer.

And their court is black and white? TRASH.

Can’t wait to see Mitch & Julius Randle take us to the playoffs, as we reclaim the city.



Blue & Orange >>>>>>>> Black & White