I stumbled across this article the other day when I was at working going through rabbit hole after rabbit hole.  I think I started off on the Wikipedia page of the 2004 NBA Draftand somehow ended up on the Wikipedia page of “continents.”  While on this page, I saw that there’s these things called “Submerged Continents” and saw that there was one called “Zealandia.”  I clicked that link and saw that in 2017 some scientists discovered this continental crust that had been under water for 80 MILLION years.

What these scientist claim is that it checks the boxes of what a continent actually is which are:

  • Large, discrete masses of land separated by oceans.
  • The crust is made of “lighter continental crust” rather than denser crust that you see on ocean floors.
  • Satellites that show Earth’s gravitational pull “clearly” show Zealandia as a geographic feature.

Look at this picture.  It shows the crust as next to Australia in grey.  Zealandia.jpg

Here’s the problem though, scientists.  93% OF THE “CONTINENT” IS UNDER WATER.  You can’t be a continent when the percentage of you under water would get you on the Honor Roll.  You just can’t. You know what?  Here’s Ketch’s criteria for being a continent:

  • The three things from above
  • At least 50% of the land mass has to be above water
  • If 51% or more is under water, it has to be under water for less than 70 million years.

Sorry Zealandia!  You’re just part of the ocean like every else.  This is just like when these scientists tried to push the “Southern Ocean” on the kids.  No.  The “Southern Ocean” is just the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans south of the Equator.  Don’t make things harder than they have to be.