For the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Ketch and Junior take a look at the final five couples that made it out of Paradise unscathed. They break down the many debates from the After Show, and name the All Tell All First and Second Teams. They’re also joined again by Old Matt Donald for an awesome interview where he talks about all of his greatest moments from the show (29:25-52:09).

Segments include:

  • Couple Madden Ratings (1:49-12:12),
  • Power Couple of the Season (12:14-12:57),
  • Pontiac Game Changing Moment (12:57-14:35),
  • Jay-Z Gif Face Moment (14:37-16:15),
  • Unveiling of the All Tell All First and Second Teams (16:15-29:13),
  • Buy or Sell (52:41-1:05:12),
  • Quotes (1:05:13-1:09:25),
  • Bold Predictions (1:09:26-1:10:35),
  • and a little glimpse of what to look forward to from the number one Bachelor podcast in the universe (self-proclaimed) (1:10:36-1:12:41).