We are back and, thankfully, we are alive. After what was an excruciating, and somewhat out of body experience, for your boy, I am very thankful that the Golden Domers are out of the state of Georgia, and that the Dawgs get a bye week to chill.

BUT, just because them Dawgs won’t be barking does not mean that the show will not go on, and we are geared up for another weekend of great college football, including two top-25 match-ups and a bunch of upset potential.

As always, we have to reflect upon last week, so let’s take a look to see we learned:

  • Tennessee is a damn train wreck,
  • Auburn’s D is always ready to stand firm,
  • Wisconsin will continually run the same offense and it will continually work,
  • Georgia may not be as elite as we thought, and
  • UCF is not winning another national championship.


Now on to this week, which is surely to continue to build on the success of the past few. As stated before we have some great match-ups and the potential for some nail-biters and even some top-25 upsets. That’s right, more of that drama that we all love…. Let’s take a look!


Northwestern at 8 Wisconsin – 12:00 on FOX

LINE: Wisconsin -24 – O/U: 45.5


Wisconsin is coming off of one of the biggest wins for their side in recent memory, where they absolutely dismantled a Michigan team that many of us thought was a good pick to make the College Football Playoff.

How did they do it? The way Wisconsin always does it… running the damn ball. Sure, Jack Coan has been stellar on his side of things, and has given the Badgers an option to actually throw the ball every once and a while, but the Badgers have largely put the team on the back of Jonathan Taylor (aka one of the best running backs in the country), and they have done it so well that nobody can touch them, even when they know it’s coming.

Similarly, Northwestern plays the same kind of old school, smash mouth football, which means this match-up is a great one on paper… However, the issue here that Northwestern is about to face is that this is about the only time that this match-up will look good. Wisconsin is going to replicate what they just did to Michigan last week and they are going to run the ball down Northwestern’s throat.

The problem with this game though, and why I won’t be taking Wisconsin -24? Simple, Northwestern’s defense is usually good at keeping Wisconsin calmed down a bit, and their offense is good at eating up tons of clock, which is why I would rather hit the under.

Need more fuel for that under? How about the fact that the under has hit in five of Northwestern’s last seven regular season games and the under has hit in five of these teams last six games. Gotta go with the under here.




18 Virginia at 10 Notre Dame – 3:30 on NBC

LINE: Notre Dame -10.5 – O/U: 48.5

The Irish put on a hell of a show in Sanford Stadium and I have nothing but respect for the class they showed and the way that Brian Kelly and his team handled themselves (minus the blatant faked injuries).

This newfound respect is something that is crazy for me, given that I chose to snub Catholic school as a child, and have rightly or wrongly been one of the biggest Notre Dame haters of all time since I was a young child. However, it is something that leads me to be the biggest Irish fan for the rest of the season (build that resume baby).

Additionally, y’all may remember me taking UVA against Florida State earlier this year only for that to blow up in my face, leading me to absolutely hate the Cavaliers. Once you’re on my shit list, it’s very hard to come back from that, but to make matters worse for Virginia, they are just not good at football. The golden domers are going to take advantage of that fact (because they actually are good at football), and they are going to absolutely dismantle this Virginia team, and roll to an easy victory.

Want some more reason to throw on the boys in South Bend besides my personal feelings? How about the fact that the Irish are 4-1 ATS in their last five games in September and 5-0 ATS in their last five games played in week 5? Yeah, that’ll do for me… Go Irish I guess!

FINAL BET: Notre Dame -10.5



5 Ohio State at Nebraska – 7:30 on ABC

LINE: Ohio State -17 – O/U: 66.5



Last week the Buckeyes played another lackluster opponent, and last week they continued to do what they have made a habit of doing… dominating.

Justin Fields was absolutely stunning again, and is quickly looking like the best dual-threat quarterback in the nation, to the chagrin of Dawgs fans everywhere. To further prove how good this run is for the Buckeyes, they are also covering (by A LOT) in these games. As I always say, good teams win, great teams cover, and Ohio State is looking more and more like a great team every week.

On the other side of things, Nebraska fans came into this year riding high, and reliving the glory days of the from when they used to win championships in the eighties. However, a slow start has them all rethinking that just three weeks in (the loss to Colorado does not help).

While Martinez is a hell of a quarterback, he has not helped Nebraska to truly get over this hump, and when he realizes the heat that the Buckeyes defense is going to be bringing here, it will only get worse.

Hammer that line for those Buckeyes!

FINAL BET: Ohio State -17


And there you have it. I hope you all are able to sit back, relax and enjoy some quality football. Given the fact that it is a bye week for my guys, I guarantee I will be having a calm and collected day, and I hope you do too.

As always, best of luck to your teams and to your wallets, and Go Dawgs!



P.S. – for anyone wanting a preview of the USC-Washington game, I am sorry. The Pac-12 Conference is an absolute shit show and I can never predict what will happen there.

That said, if I had to take a pick I’m always going with Jacob Eason and the team that says “Go Dawgs” as their motto. If only he still had that great flow….