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As absurd as this might sound, the butterfly effect caused by Daryl Morey’s tweet┬ámay just be the sort of dumb luck that helps spring-load the New York Knicks franchise into contention.

Well… It’s been 17 days since your last blog* and clearly in that time-span you’ve been doing hardcore drugs Tayls, cuz this is a retarded take.

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Hear me out.

China is pissed at the NBA and they don’t play by the same rules as us (commi bastards). If they decide to pull their support for the NBA & NBA China (worth apparently $4 BILLION), that’s a huuuuuuuuuuuge hit to the books for the NBA.

Now, flashback to the summer of 2016, the last time NBA free agent contracts exploded and guys like Timofey Mozgov, Chandler Parsons & Joakim Noah got hilariously rich, fully guaranteed deals**, it was because of enormous new media deals (aka, they knew the NBA knew they were making more money).

With the recent news of China pulling the broadcast from it’s state-run television (Jesus…), pulling out of NBA deals, shutting down media events, etc, it seems that maybe – JUST MAYBE – dealing with a communist government wasn’t as straight-forward as they had hoped and believe it or not, there might be repercussions.

Salary cap experts on some teams have estimated that next year’s salary cap could actually DECREASE by $10-15 million.

What does that mean?

(Nets fans look away)

Well, TOTALLY HYPOTHETICALLY, if you committed say $41-million/year for the next four years to a superstar who’s coming off a torn Achilles, and $35-million/year to a guy whose face keeps breaking, and the salary cap is reduced from $109 million to $95 million, you’ve effectively left yourself with $19-million to pay the remaining 13 players on your roster.

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But let’s not play with hypotheticals, let’s look at THE New York Knicks. Shall we?

If salary caps are getting tighter, and we have the ultimate salary cap flexibility (every single player on the roster not named Julius Randle, RJ Barrett or Mitchell Robinson is there without anything guaranteed beyond 2020), that puts New York in a HELL of a lot better shape to than most other teams.

And I’m not speculating that AD hates his time in LA with LeBron, and it’s all a disaster, and he decides to leave next summer after completely destroying that franchise… And I’m also not saying that Giannis would want to come here after his team inevitably declines from championship contention, as New York begins its ascension to glory.

But the fact of the matter is that a young team, with exciting players WHO WANT TO BE HERE, will be armed with cap flexibility next summer when cap space – DUE TO MOTHER FUCKING CHINA – is getting tight.

The butterfly effect of Daryl Morey’s tweet could prove ENORMOUS for this franchise.

Fly on over to the Garden, beautiful butterfly!!

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** = combined that summer, those three signed contracts totaling nearly a quarter billion dollars… SHEESH!!!