After Saturday’s shotguns for strikeouts went nicely for me (a quaint 6 K’s for the Yanks in their Game 1 shutout win), last night, Game 2, young Tayls’ was not so lucky…

The Yanks struck out FOURTEEN batters on their way to that tough loss in the 11th… which only DUMPS salt in the wounds of young Tayls’ hangover today, I’m sure.

Well, here’s video evidence of twelve shotguns (there was no shotgun for Otto’s strikeout of Brantley when the ball got away & he reached first in the 5th, and no shotgun for Happ’s strikeout in the 10th, as Young Tayls was already dead).

Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly*!!

Oh boy, I do NOT envy that Monday hangover he’s got right now! Good luck brotherman!





* = aka do NOT do this.