Like that great butt you saw walked by earlier, it’s important to look back and savor things, and Movember 2018 was one of those things.

Last year, the year two thousand eighteen of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, Movember team Let’s Make Mustaches Great Again raised $3,176.


To be honest with you, my realistic goal every year is to raise like $1,000… So when we hit numbers like THREE THOUSAND, it’s safe to say I’m pretty pumped with what we’ve done.

Put humbly, we, team Let’s Make Mustaches Great Again, are all incredible humans. And the world really does owe us thanks for its pending cancer-free future. SHOUT-OUT TO US!!

Now, I know I’m pumped for 2019, and hopefully you are too!!

This Saturday, I’ll be live from Buffalo, NY visiting Slick Willy with plenty of Smirnoff Ice’s & Twisted Tea’s to begin our 2019 cancer slaughter!!

Below you’ll find Week One’s Movember menu for how you can donate and watch me do what my body hates me for doing!!

Movember diner menu

So if you want this Saturday, you can send those donations to my Venmo (@Movember) and lock in an Ice, a Tea, a water (lol) or a chuggsies race between Slick Willy & I… with all proceeds going toward Movember and murdering cancer.

Cool, that’s pretty much it. I love you and hope you’re all ready to witness some awkwardly terrible facial hair here for the next month!

Here’s the link to the team if you’d like to join, just check out how we’re doing, or just how hot we are #winkyface.



Let’s Make Mustaches Great Again!!




P.S. Ketch still owes us a burrito mile and cream pie push-ups from 2018… Don’t let him forget!