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That’s right Jimmy boy, we’re talking playoffs.

With the Cowboys loss yesterday and Philly imploding, what once was a great division (now turned the-worst-division-in-football) is WIDE open.

Every team out there just wants to be playing meaningful football in December and we, the New York football Giants, are almost* assuredly going to be doing just that.

How?! We stink and we’ve lost seven straight games, with not a single win in the months of October and November!” – any Giants fan reading this with a brain.

Maybe I’m just out here being delusionally (willingly so might I add) optimistic, convincing myself that at 2-7 we still have a chance…

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Here’s how we do it.

Obviously, we’ll need to win out. Plain and simple. But hey, isn’t that what you want? To be in the driver seat? Okay, maybe we’re not COMPLETELY in the driver seat. It’s more like we’re in the backseat with a fake steering wheel in front of us like a 5-year old thinking we control our destiny, when in reality we’re just idiots.

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Next, the Cowboys need to lose out. Plain and simple. Is that possible? No. Barely. They do have all decent teams left to play (Bills, Bears, Rams, Eagles) but then they have the Redskins in week 17. At the very least, this dream could be alive until late December, which at the end of the day is really all we can ask for.

Lastly, we’ll need to Eagles to lose out, with the exception of the game against Dallas. Which would mean they’d lose not only to the Giants twice (honestly a laughable thought), but ALSO to the Dolphins and Redskins. I’d say this is FAR less likely than the Cowboys completely losing out (and that says a lot), but hey, that’s why we play the games. Any Given Sunday, am I right?

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Guys, I’m not saying it’s a good one… But we have a chance!

The blueprint is there, it’s just time to execute: Cowboys lose out. Giants win out. Eagles lose out (except against Dallas).

Pretty stoked to be thinking about January football again!! LET’S GOOOOO!!!!!





* = I use “almost” here because we’ll need the Bills (8-3) to show up on Thanksgiving and beat the Cowboys (6-5)… which I’m hopeful can happen but also getting myself prepared for a let down (as is a feeling I imagine all Bills fans have every weekend).