By now you’ve probably seen this Peleton commercial and heard all the controversy surrounding it.

If you don’t know the controversy, I guess people are big mad because the husband is incredibly misogynistic for buying his wife a Peleton because by doing this he clearly believes his wife’s body is not good enough for him, right?

I guess there’s two sides to look at this.  Side A is that the people should get off the husband’s ass because he dropped over two grand plus $100 a month for a subscription to those classes for his wife.  The wife is clearly happy and surprised.  On top of that, it’s not like the wife is in bad shape at the beginning of the commercial.  No.  She’s hot.  She starts off the commercial hot and she finishes the commercial hot.  I guess it’d be one thing if they rolled in a Kathy Bates and the husband said something like “hey hunny, how’s about we say you hop on the old Peleton a few days a week?”  And then they showed how Kathy Bates transformed into the hot wife.  Putting aside the fact that would be a hilarious commercial, I’m sure some people out there would be mad at the husband for not accepting Kathy Bates for who she is.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 3.05.08 PM.png

Side B are the people who believe that the husband isn’t accepting his hot wife and decided to get her a Peleton.  Those people are dumb.

Anyways here’s my POV on the situation here.  As aforementioned, the husband dropped probably close to $3500 on this fucking Peleton and what does the wife get the husband for Christmas the following year?  A fucking VIDEO of herself riding a Peleton.  That’s it (according to the commercial).  Are you kidding me?  Look, I just bought an engagement ring and gave it to my now fiancé (sorry ladies), and let me just say this; if my fiancé gave me a video of herself wearing her engagement ring as her “big gift” for Christmas, I’d probably look at her and awkwardly say “oh that’s nice….” with a look of “is that it?” in my eyes while I talk about how stupid her gift was behind her back to all my friends.  And by the looks of it, that’s exactly what this guy did:

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 3.11.58 PM.pngThe fact that he didn’t laugh at her and say “why the hell were you nervous you loser?” or “I hope you kept a good eye on little Sally while you rode” is wildly impressive and if I’m being honest, he should being praised for how grateful he’s appearing to be for this stupid present.  At least get him a nice bottle of bourbon or like tickets to a ballgame, lady.  Maybe even one of those coupons that says “Good for one free night in your mancave with the boys with no interruptions” or something like that.  Literally anything else.

That’s the story here.  Not anything else.  This husband is a saint, and instead of getting a nice gift, he’s getting dragged through the mud because he bought his hot wife an awesome gift.

Merry Christmas.

PS – I watched an interview with the woman in the commercial and she’s a good sport.  She jokingly said this controversy is all her fault for how worried she made the face her “character” appear and then as you may know made a commercial for gin kind of poking fun at the stress of the controversy.