Yes, it’s me.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve dusted off the ol’ keyboard and pressed letters together for Water Cooler Sports.

Have it missed it? Yes.

Was it hard to be forced to actually do work (at work) instead of blogging? Also, yes.

Right now I want to take a minute to emphasize WHY I’ve decided to break my recent hiatus.

It’s not to blog about how great the Yankees will be now that they got Gerrit Cole (though they’ll be great).

It’s not to blog about how we lost Didi and that sucks ass because he was probably my favorite player over the last few years.

It’s not even to blog about how the Knicks have won 3 of their last 4 and are talking about the playoffs (LMFAOOOOOO).

The reason I came back to blog is because I saw the following from Gerrit Cole’s introductory press conference:

…and then I thought, “is this actually from his childhood? Was he really a Yankee fan all along?!

After a quick Google Image search of “Gerrit Cole Yankees sign” – I uncovered this:

young gerrit cole yankee sign always a fan forever.jpg

My first reaction is about a bajillion heart eyes emojis… I mean, the team you grew up loving – you become a superstar – and then you get to sign with your favorite team for the largest contract ever??? That’s so sick, that’s literally video game dreams.

But then I was like, “Wait, no, that must be a replica… no way it’s the SAME sign…

So what do I do? Another quick Google search of “Gerrit Cole sign Yankee Fan today” and what do I find? A New York Post article claiming this sign was stashed away in his closet!


That sign he’s got as a kid has fucking pinstripes on it and the text is NAVY. The one he held up this morning?! GOLD with zero pinstripes!!

I wouldn’t even be even mad if it was a different sign, honest, I wouldn’t! But don’t tell me he hung on to this thing for 20 years… Don’t you dare! That is a different sign sir.

Or, is this a classic white & gold or blue & dress dress kinda thing?

white gold blue black gerrit cole sign navy gold pinstripes fan forever.jpg


Is it far more likely that the sign just faded?

Also maybe.

But this…

gerrit cole fan forever sign 11 years old

…doesn’t turn into THIS…

gerrit cole fan forever sign today

I will be launching a full fledged investigation into #SignGate and get to the bottom of this.

Unless, of course, Gerrit Cole just answers my tweet, in which case, there’s no beating around the bush.

The ball is in your court Mr Cole.