I remember seeing this commercial the other night and thinking, “jeez, that commercial sucks” but then I just saw it again during the Knicks-Pelicans game tonight and knew I had to take action.


If you haven’t seen it…

I mean, lady, LADY, your kid says he’s bleeding and she SMILES WHILE LOOKING AT HER FUCKING CAT AND DOESN’T EVEN GET UP!!!

I get there’s teaching kids to be independent and taking care of themselves. But there’s that, and then there’s being just a cold, hard bitch cat lady.

I hate cats to begin with, but this commercial makes me hate cat people now soooooooooooooo much more.

Congrats Sheba, you made me HATE the product you were trying to advertise and the people it was targeted at!

Maybe this marketing somehow works for cat people, and I just don’t “get” it… But this lady (and probably every cat lady for that matter) sucks.

I’m done. End of rant. Back to watching the Knicks play hilariously zero defense.