Every year in early January, it becomes apparent to me that the Knicks are pretty much out of the playoffs.

Though not mathematically eliminated (as I write this and the Knicks head into halftime, they’re only 7 games out of the #8 playoff spot), after spoiling Melo’s return the the Garden to start 2020, capping off our longest win streak since November 2018 (3 – LMAO), we’ve dropped four straight. Not only that but trade rumors have ramped up and guys like Bobby Portis don’t give a shit anymore and are just flagrant fouling everyone in site.

So where does that leave fans like me who are pathetically still watching the ends of games like Wednesday night’s game where we’re down 20 to the Jazz late with no signs of making a comeback?

Dreaming. That’s where.

Iggy checked in and I was honestly pumped to see him get some burn. His summer league had me hyped for him – the guy can score, and anytime he gets a chance I want him to succeed.

First offensive possession? Nice assist to Ellington.

Second offensive possession? Nice alley-oop to Mitch.

Third? Drives to the rim, gets fouled AND ONE!!

Image result for knicks fans  gif

Honestly, it was sick.

Yes, he did get destroyed defensively… I mean, he’s just so weak compared to the men he faces in the NBA, but he can hit the weight room and fix that*.

I’m stoked for Iggy and I’m ready for whenever we hand he and RJ the keys to the franchise and ride these studs all the way to a title.

The future is bright.

The Iggy Era is coming.





* = right?