It has been a long time since Water Cooler Sports has really made a footprint on the interwebs and I think it’s time we come back… for YOU, our loyal fans.

In these days of binge-ing everything NetFlix has to offer (Tiger King is absolutely electric btw), we are deprived of the one thing that makes us most American – LIVE ENTERTAINMENT.

While WWE & AEW have done a great job, without crowds in the arenas, it’s just not the same excitement as it should be.

We need more live entertainment, something to watch, someone to cheer for, someone to heckle.

And we here at WCS are here to deliver. We want to help get you off.

what is your favorite dennis face? - GIF on Imgur

Let’s get down to what we’ve come up with…

The idea is simple, we put on events that are just some A+ content, and you, the viewers, can watch, cheer on, boo, and ya know what, maybe be asked to donate or something, and together, we WILL get through COVID-19!!

I know the first event we have Lock-Chalk-Jayhawked up is the McDonald’s Challenge that’s been floated around Instagram.

What is the McDonald’s Challenge?

Glad you asked!

Our participants have agreed to four double quarter pounders, four 10-piece chicken nuggets, two medium fries and four sodas in under 90 minutes.

Who tf is Trevor Donovan? I don’t know.

Did he come up with this? I don’t know.

So does this even matter? OH HELL YEAH BABY!!!

It’s dumb, it looks simple, but it’s also 5,600 calories of food (plus whatever the drinks bring you to) in under 90 minutes, so that alone is bananas.

We got two ELITE competitors going toe-to-toe on this one and I think it’s about time we introduce you to our gladiators.

Nicky Bag O’ Donuts

nicky bag o_olive garden


Nicky Bag O’ Donuts, star hockey player of the Stinky Socks hockey league, is entering this challenge as having a bit of competitive eating experience under his belt. You see, Bag O (as he’s commonly known in WCS circles) has already crushed 80 chicken nuggets in one sitting. The man is a veteran, specifically when it comes to the golden arches.

He is the odds on Vegas favorite and it’s possible he runs away and hides with this, but then again, that’s all just fancy talk until gameday.

Now let’s meet his challenger and see who Bag O will be dealing with, shall we?


bowed bent broken_Curve

Number 33 on the hardwood. Number 1 in our hearts.

Curve, a yearly contributor to the WCS Movember team, enters this competition as Bag-O’s challenger. He saw this layout of food and instead of feeling intimidated, our boy Curve was just hungry.

Hungry for food, sure, but also just hungry for competition.

The Bent One has shown time and time again, he can crush more pizza rolls than anyone in the history of mankind (well… I guess since ’68 since pizza rolls were apparently invented then), but this challenge is a bit more than pizza rolls. This challenge is six thousand calories of Ronald McDonald’s glory.

And now he has a competitor like Bag O – a competitor with experience. A competitor with a passion for eating. A competitor with GRIT.

(excuse this ad for Olive Garden, we need to pay our bills around here)

To me, these guys are going to absolutely go at it.

They may take different routes, attack their plates differently, but at the end of the day, both these men are going to leave nothing on the table.

Thursday at 7pm, we’re going to see a true test of the human will.

Two men giving it everything they have, while we all wait out this COVID storm.

Bag O, Curve, thank you gentlemen for what you’re about to do. We as a collective WCS family appreciate your service.

Now, for everyone’s viewing pleasures, we’ll have a Twitch stream going. We’ll have a Zoom going (link pending). We’ll Instagram live it.

We’ll do everything we can to get these two to you, LIVE, 7pm, Thursday night.

Hope to see you then! Until then be safe!