It seems as good a time as any to bring this up as any with Sunday’s unveiling of the HIGHLYYYY* anticipated ESPN docu-series “The Last Dance“.

Now, C-Griggs the other day wrote one hell of a piece on it, and it got me hyped. Honestly, I haven’t been looking forward to something on TV this much all Quarantine, so credit to C-Griggs for really getting the blood flowing.

BUT it stirred up something in me that, quite frankly, I’m shocked in our almost FOUR YEARS here at Water Cooler Sports, I’ve never brought up (credit to me for being so big for so long**).

That famous Jordan shot we always get shown when people talk about how great Jordan was…

You know? This one:


Guys, I gotta say it…

That should have been an offensive foul.

He puts his head down to get to his spot, has his left hand on Byron Russell’s hip, and right before he gathers to take his shot, uses said left hand that was on Byron Russell to create some space as he’s crossing over.

I’ve watched clips of this shot 100 times over and the commentators even say “the refs can’t see that” (fast forward to 12:58)… BULL FUCKING SHIT THEY COULDN’T SEE IT!!

Look at where the ref was standing – HOW COULD HE NOT HAVE SEEN IT?!

how did the refs not see Jordan Push Off Russell NBA

But the point is, the call was missed.

I watched the whole play through, and gotta say, it was an impressive, gutsy play by Jordan to steal the ball with 20 seconds or so, then to go, take the ball down yourself down one point, and make that decision to get that shot.


That doesn’t make it NOT a push.

:JLaw Jennifer Lawrence GIF - JLaw JenniferLawrence Awkward ...

Take it frame by frame:

Jordan Pushed Off Russell 0Jordan Pushed Off Russell 1Jordan Pushed Off Russell 2Jordan Pushed Off Russell 3Jordan Pushed Off Russell 4Jordan Pushed Off Russell 5

Related image

Related image

Related image

I get that the moment is iconic and every “Jordan is the GOAT” guy on the planet is going to call this a h8r post, but I don’t care.

The truth needs to be talked about more – Jordan’s iconic “last shot with the Bulls” was a push-off.

Offensive foul.

Jazz ball.

6 seconds left.

Up one.

Sending the series back to Chicago for a Game 7.

History rewritten.

karl malone got screwed out of a chance for an nba title 1996 jordan push off over byron russell






* = “HIHGLYYYY” there is to be read there in the Rack Em Willy voice.


*** = Mike Francesa voice this time. Biiiiiiiig on different voices today.