This past Saturday, our second Quarantine Game – the 2020 WCS Case Race #ForTheCure – went down without a hitch*.

Four teams of four people each, 24 beers per team, and the winners finished in just over 18 minutes.

We drank beer, we had some fun, and we raised some money for charity… NAWT BAD!!

The winners, who by the way were led by our very own BNIA host Junior, finished their case in 18 minutes. It was a really solid competition, the only thing I wished was that it was easier for you, our fans, to see.

But we don’t want to stop delivering prime content… No sir/ma’am (it’s 2020, I don’t want to assume the gender of our fans)!

Luckily, a couple Water Cooler Sports alum, Slick Willy & Oh Diggity are back!! They saw Nicky Bag O’ D’s and Curve attempt the McDonald’s Challenge a couple weeks back, and decided it’s time to come out of retirement.

This Thursday, at 7pm EST, we will be graced with watching two of Water Cooler Sports’ OG’s giving this challenge another shot. Consuming 6,000+ calories of Ronald’s McDonald’s finest in under 90 minutes.

Dallas Cowboys Eating GIF by ESPN - Find & Share on GIPHY

Early scouting reports have noted that Slick Willy has a slight edge believe it or not. He has the confidence and is a BIGGGGGG meat eater. But don’t discount Oh Diggity, the kid oozes confidence (I think he messaged me seconds after the the original McDonald’s Challenge was announced telling me he could do it) and has the Big Fudge family pedigree, which means he’s capable of damn near anything.

HOWEVER, I will admit, I was supremely confident last time that it could be done. And I was wrong.

I think if these guys watched the tape, they would learn the one thing Curve & Bag O learned the hard way: GET THE MEAT OUT OF THE WAY FIRST!!

I’d like to see this challenge done, I’d like to show you, the fans, in this time of extreme uncertainty, that anything, ANYTHING is possible.

7pm Thursday. See you then.






* = Unless of course you want to consider the fact that we couldn’t keep the live stream going, a ridiculously small amount of the video was saved, or that a couple of the competitors couldn’t get their cameras to turn on…