**Cue the “Do you believe in Miracles” Al Michaels soundbyte.**

Last Thursday on our Instagram Live, Slick Willy & Oh Diggity took down the McDonald’s Challenge once and for all. In 53 minutes and 63 minutes respectively, all 6,000 calories were put away in what I can only describe as one of the greatest moments in recent sports history.

If you want to relive the moment, or live it for the first time, here’s the full video:

As fans of the WCS Quarantine Games know, this eating competition was #ForTheCure, and donations raised went to the charity of the competitors choosing. We figure during this time of Corona, social distancing & facemasks, charities & first-responders need us now more than ever.

Slick Willy & Oh Diggity, being the great guys they are, decided to donate the $209.69 they raised to a couple FDNY firehouses and get our first responders some pizza this week!

Love the idea, love what we’re doing, love these WCS Quarantine Games!

For those keeping score at home, the WCS Quarantine Games have now raised almost $572 with donations to food banks, hospitals, and the FDNY… Is the world a better place because of Water Cooler Sports? I don’t know, you tell me.

No, seriously, tell me.

See you all at the next event… Case race this weekend maybe????