Honestly guys, if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried anything and everything to get your fix of live sports competition since COVID ruined our lives… and I mean ANYTHING.

Here at WCS, we even tried to solve the problem ourselves and host live competitions! We ran the charity case race, and two McDonald’s challenges, and while those were effective for a bit, there’s nothing like turning on the TV and have the tough decision of whether to watch an NBA or NHL playoff game, or an MLB game in what should have been a newly started season*.

The point is there wasn’t just ONE event to watch, there were multiple and you had a decision to make.

But at this point in my pursuit of a sports substitute, I’ve watched almost all of the 40 Seasons of Survivor, I’ve become an avid WWE & AEW wrestling guy, and honestly, while these are fine for the interim… I’m not going to miss them once I know at 7:05pm a Yankees game is there for me every day. Let alone NBA pseudo-playoff games (I mean that’s basically what Orlando is, right?)!!

Which brings me to the reason for the post, and likely the reason you were brought here when you typed into Google “When is the NBA coming back?” or “When is the MLB coming back?



THE NFL IS COMING BACK AUGUST 6TH (okay fine, that’s the Preseason but still, I’d take that any day of the week at this point).

I honestly can’t wait for the 23rd. The 30th is going to be amazing. And once you factor in the ADDITION of the NFL??

Jizz Come GIF - Jizz Come Tired GIFs

We may have taken sports for granted in the past, but never again.





* = For the record, there are times where I’m deciding between watching my twenty-something win Knicks play a meaningless game, or watch an actual NBA/NHL game with playoff consequences, or a Yankees game in a freshly started season where the juices are still flowing and I will watch a pathetically large amount of the Knicks game… God I miss them so much, I don’t even care how bad they are.