Here’s the article with all the sciencey language it you want to try and take a whack at that.

Now before you go getting all “woke” thinking this is just another ploy by the government to control us or spy on us or whatever, the genetically engineered mosquitos are being released to control and eventually eliminate these mosquitos down in the Florida Keys that carry diseases such as dengue and Zika (remember Zika) among other things.  On top of that, the many of the mosquitos that carry these diseases were brought to the United States on boats and ships and shit like that so they’re basically invasive species and you know what they say about invasive species; fuck ’em.  And besides, the normal way they’d get rid of these bad mosquitos are to spray a shit ton of chemicals.  So if you’re woke, you get to choose chem-trails or government controlled mosquitos.

Anyways, the “why” part of this is not what I’m here to focus on.  No, I’m going to look at the Game of Thrones-esq way these genetically engineered mosquitos (you know what? we are just going to abbreviate them and call them “GE Squitos” so I don’t have to keep typing “genetically engineered mosquitos”) are going to work:

Then planners hope that during tests, these Oxitec foreigners will charm female mosquitoes into mating. A bit of saboteur genetics from the males will kill any female offspring resulting from the mating, and over time that should shrink the swarms. Sons that inherit their dad’s no-daughter genes will go on to shrink the next generation even further.

So basically, the plan is that they’re releasing these sexy dude GE Squitos and they fly around, flexing their huge squito muscles, with their big squito dicks swinging around in the wind and all the evil female mosquitos are like “ohhhh papi I want some of that.” The GE Squitos fly up to them and say something cool like “hey baby how about a ride on my enormous squito dong?” An offer the female just can’t turn down.

They two have a passionate, steamy night of love making.  I’m talking porno-type sex.  Squito foreplay, squito handjobs and fingering, squito cunnilingus, multiple squito positions, except the GE Squito always blows his load in the female.  The female gets pregnant, but the GE Squito tells her that it’s okay and he’ll always be there for her and the kids.  He even goes so far as proposing to her, making her feel like the luckiest female mosquito in the world.  The days pass and the female lays her eggs, but all of the sudden, she gets sick.  She is dying.  She stares at the GE Squito asking what is happening to her.  He just looks at her with a stoic, stone-cold face.  It is then that she realizes that it was him.  He was the one that infected her with the poison.  the GE Squito just stands there, staring in her in the eyes as she pleads for help and asks if it was all just a lie.    She looks at him as Daenerys looks at Jon Snow after she stabs her.


Finally, she dies.

When the eggs hatch, all the females immediately die as they too are infected with the disease.  But the males are quickly coached on how to seduce and KILL.  The process continues until every last evil female disease-ridden mosquito is dead.

I just hope the GE Squitos don’t fall in love.