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0 thoughts on “Sweatshirt

  1. I feel the same way, but then I realized that most millennials don’t have kids in favor of having pets and I’m sure this commercial is directed at them. I’ve literally had millennials tell me that children are horrible creatures but pets are thier world.

  2. It’s stupid behavior like this propaganda piece used to warp the human race into rebelling against one another; we have demon worshippers behind the scenes forcing us to hurt one another. Communist ideology at its worst!

  3. This commercial is the worst on television!! It’s advertising,”child neglect”, and just being a sucky ass parent. It’s shit like this that makes TV so fucking stupid these days! I know the woman is just playing a part,,,, but dam!! I wanna snatch that cat by the tail and beat that woman repeatedly with the fury of “swinging claw kitty!!”. She’s a stupid bitch for playing such a part.

  4. Yea she defines every reason why dads in divorce/custody cases are bitter. Because this is how “amazing” moms act with their kids, on many occasions, If this mother did this in real life, she should be facing the loss of custody of her child. But we make it cute. Kids and Dads’ lives matter, too. Shame on you.

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