Full disclosure, our shop is NOT to make money. This shop is basically getting you guys sick Water Cooler Sports apparel at exactly what it costs us. Why? We don’t want your money, we want the brand to spread. We know we are up-and-coming and getting our names out there is WAY more important to us than making a dollar off you is.

So, check out what we have below. It will constantly change, we may run out out stuff and if we do, we’re going to email you ASAP. Otherwise, bear with us and whatever genius purchase you made WILL be on it’s way.

Without further ado, the stuff you can buy:

Ready for the summer, organic (aka the Natty Light edition) Water Cooler Sports short sleeve t-shirts. Front, the logo with “Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Our Next Beer.” text in script. And on the back, the Logo with “” wrapped around it. Sizes from Small to XL available. Price $22.19.

WCS Romphim.jpg

This WCS Special Edition Romphim would need to be custom made BY Official Romphim so the price is pending (as is the possibility of us being able to make it)… But good Lord if we can make this happen, the world is changing. If you could, since this one I have NO CLUE how to do the sizing chart. I imagine I’d need a waist and maybe a typical dress shirt size? (Side-note, how the FLIP are rompers sized? There’s so many variables at play!!)
Price – TBD.

Water Cooler Sports Long Sleeve Pocket Tee.PNG

The original Water Cooler Sports long sleeve pocket tee! Still an absolute classic. Only size Large’s left. I know it’s headed for warmer weather but it will be a nice long sleeve shirt to rock on those cool summer nights at the beach… Just sayin. If you want a larger size, it’ll just take longer to order but if you want it, I’ll get it for you!
Price – $14.24.

Sky Blue Water Cooler Sports TShirt.jpg

This t-shirt 100% was a mistake. The front logo was supposed to be smaller and centered on the left, not take up half the shit… It also came blank on the back when it was supposed to have the URL and the Logo. UGH. Regardless – turned out hilarious. Featured on Taylor’s Friday 7pm Facebook Live one week if you want to see it modeled by the best. I’m not going to order any more of these, there literally only be one of these… LIMITED EDITION!!
Price – $16.96.





Full disclosure – we still struggle at e-commerce! Right now you’ll probably be looking to Venmo @Taylor1776 or he will request you before putting a special note in the package and sending the shipment!


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